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Friends with Boys

Friends with Boys - Faith Erin Hicks You can read the entire comic for a limited time at Faith Erin Hicks' website Friends With Boys. Also, reading her creative process at the bottom of this page was pretty cool.Friends With Boys is a web comic (soon to be graphic novel) by Faith Erin Hicks featuring previously home-schooled Maggie McKay's experiences adjusting to public high school, making friends outside her family and oh yeah...figuring out why that pesky ghost is following her around.Maggie is a likeable, sympathetic heroine who is complemented nicely by her charismatic brothers. The sibling dynamics of both the McKay brood and Maggie's new friends Lucy and Alistair are my favorite parts of the story. The characters' interests really filled out the story nicely and were fun to read about to boot.Hicks excels at communicating emotions with no words, whether it's her beautifully articulate facial expressions or wide framed scenery shots. Maggie's high school map and field notes are both hilarious and dead-on. The characters are all expressive and charmingly rendered.Some elements of the story are left open-ended but I enjoyed filling in the blanks myself about the ghost and what she meant in relation to what Maggie was going through with her mom. Maybe that's just what the author intended or maybe I have an overactive imagination.Rating: 3.5/5 stars.Friends With Boys has some pretty enjoyable funny, spooky and poignant moments.This review was originally posted at YA Anonymous.