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Don't Stop Now

Don't Stop Now - Julie Halpern So I typed out a whole review but then Goodreads went down and...well, I've wasted enough time on this book. By reading it. It is ridiculous! The only realistic thing about it is how annoying and self-centered the teenage protagonists are! Otherwise? What a mess. Why not make this a road trip book? Was the convoluted, unbelievable fake kidnapping plot really necessary? There are so many more realistic reasons to go on a road trip than to leisurely track down your maybe-fake-kidnapped friend (who is emphasized as being not really that close of a friend, but someone the heroine will lie to parents and law enforcement about?!) Also, talk about convenient parental supervision. Oh, what's that honey? You're wanted by the FBI for questioning about a missing persons case but for some reason are going on an impromptu road trip across state lines without telling me where you are going or coming home to pack? Doesn't sound suspicious at all! See ya when I see ya, child o' mine! Pshhhh. There was a huge disconnect between Lil & Josh's wacky touristy adventure and Penny & her abusive boyfriend storyline too (don't even get me started on that). The only explanation is that this did indeed originate as a road trip book and the unfortunate Penny storyline was shoehorned in later? So sloppy. And you know what? I should have just used this GIF and called it a day: