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Daddy-Long-Legs (Daddy-Long-Legs, #1) - Jean Webster Dearest Judy---can I call you Judy?Forgive me for jumping ahead of myself but in my imagination we are already the best of friends. I've already let Anne, Jo and Sarah know to make room for you at our lunch table. I feel like I know you so well! Reading your letters to Daddy Long Legs (DLL) was like reading your diary and I bet it felt like that to you too, with him stubbornly refusing to reply and all. (I knew he'd cave in eventually. I mean, how could he resist? You are awesome.)Your letters jumped right off the page showing how smart, resourceful and hilarious you are. I hate to think what might have happened to you if you hadn't written that funny paper about your life at the orphanage, cracking DLL up enough that even though he was a trustee of the very orphanage you were making fun of, he decided to send you to college. And to become an author no less! Forget being best friends, I might just want to BE you!Getting to read all of your new and exciting experiences in the outside world was so gratifying. I rooted for you so hard, Judy! And you didn't let me down. You approached every challenge with such pluck that I couldn't help compare it to my own attitude and sad to say, Judy, but I'm often an ungrateful brat. You'll forgive me though won't you? I love to read too. And write letters! And have adventures! I already laugh at all of your jokes. You'll be such a great influence on me, I can already tell.I heard that you had a recent opening for a penpal and well, might as well just come out and say it---I'd like to apply for the job. What do you say, Judy? Will I do?Affectionately,NoelleSee the full feature Maggie and I did about Daddy Long Legs at Young Adult Anonymous.