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Friday Brown - Vikki Wakefield 4.5 starsWhat makes a person who they are? Is it some magical combination of experiences, memories and family? What happens when those things are stripped away, are proven false or leave you behind? Who are you then? And do you actually have any say in the matter?Friday Brown has spent her entire life traveling from town to town with her mother Vivienne. Never in one spot long enough to know anyone. Never needing anyone else but her mother to know her. But then Vivienne dies. Left alone with a grandfather that's a stranger, Friday is lost. Vivienne not only physically created Friday, she mentally shaped her as well. Vivienne's stories built her up but now the truth is breaking down. Friday doesn't know who she is without Vivienne... but it's time to find out.Reverting to her nomadic instincts, Friday runs away to the streets and finds herself a part of a new kind of family--broken people fitting their jagged edges together trying to become whole. But is Friday finding herself or merely letting the next charismatic mother figure mold her into someone else? Sometimes it's just easier to allow yourself to be swept away with the current than exhaust yourself struggling to swim against it. And no one knows they are caught in a riptide until it's too late.Friday Brown has a more subdued style than All I Ever Wanted but the story is just as intense. Wakefield's prose is as beautiful as ever with an exquisite tension thrumming throughout. When the setting switches to an abandoned, isolated town in the Outback, the stress fractures formed by the effort of keeping the family together begin to strain, crumbling apart to chilling results. Friday's journey and portrayal are painfully honest and once again, Wakefield's characters are so vividly drawn their strength reverberates off the page. From devotion to desperation to horror, every emotion rings true. If I had to describe Vikki Wakefield's novels using one word it would be "fearless". If I could choose two words they'd be "required reading".I recieved a copy from the publishers for review.This review originally appeared on Young Adult Anonymous. **GIVEAWAY on the blog!**