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Attachments - Rainbow Rowell My office’s IT support guy has a blonde ponytail and once serenaded me with an Enrique Iglesias song while I was stuck at the copy machine waiting for a fax to go through. He was INTO IT. He was acting like it was some deep, deep rock anthem that TOUCHED HIS SOUL. Air acoustic guitar was involved. I did what any normal person would do: studiously avoided eye contact and went directly back to my desk to email my work best friend about it.Actual email excerpt: Me: I just got "I will be your hero, baby"-ed by tech support. Friend: I'm pretty sure HR frowns on that.Me: I'm pretty sure they frown on any mention of trembling.Friend: But do they know what it feels like loving someone that's in a rush to throw them away? Me: Do they know? Do they know? Do they know? Do they?And then we watched this video ten times and laughed until we forgot how much our jobs suck. Ahem. ANYWAYS. As you might guess, I thought this book was so freaking charming! It's based in the late 90s and told from the perspective of Lincoln, who starts off the book leading a pretty pathetic, lonely existence. He has no social interaction that doesn't involve his mother or Dungeons and Dragons. He left a majority of his self-esteem sprinkled across the countryside on the long just-been-dumped-by-the-love-of-his-life bus ride home from college. He works the IT security night shift at the local newspaper, has no social skills and basically walks around in a beige, directionless haze. But then, Beth and Jennifer's email chains get flagged in his security filters and Lincoln is immediately drawn to their infectious personalities. They are lively and funny and Lincoln is charmed. Instead of sending them a warning letter as dictated by company policy, Lincoln continues to read the emails and quickly becomes invested in their lives, unable to resist the bright spot they create in his otherwise tedious, mind-numbingly boring job. Things get even more complicated when he finds himself falling for Beth. Of course this is a huge invasion of privacy, but never underestimate the potential for trouble-making and bad decisions with hours of bored free time in an unfulfilling job. Just scrolling through my sent box in my email I see subject lines of: "My Cubicle is Draining My Life Force", "Data Entry: Totally Worth All of That Student Loan Debt!", "Is Liking Three Songs in a Row on the Lite Rock Less Talk Station a Sign of Stockholm Syndrome?" so I definitely empathized with some of Lincoln's life and job frustrations. But my favorite part of this book by far (besides the swoonage of course) was Beth and Jennifer's relationship. I couldn't blame Lincoln for being so charmed---I was charmed! They were awesome and a perfect representation of the wonderfulness of BFFs. I loved them. Oh, and I realized if I had a mysteriously hot guy in my office that unbeknownst to me could read my emails, he'd have enough for a restraining order within the week. I admire Beth and Jennifer's restraint. In closing: this book is so cute. It gave me a happy buzz the whole way through. Thank you Maggie for steering me to it! (And for always emailing me back! :D)