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Split - Swati Avasthi In hypothetical situations it can be easy to make cut and dry decisions. If [blank] happens, I'd do [blank]. [Blank] is right. [Blank] is wrong. I'd never [blank]. I'd never forgive [blank] for doing [blank].But once you fill in the blanks--with real people, real emotions and real acts--life turns into one big complicated mess. What is unforgivable? Is redemption even possible? The reader is introduced to one character that makes the answers to those questions painfully easy: Yes, he is evil. What he did is unforgivable. There's nothing he could do to redeem himself. But then Swati Avasthi (another amazing debut author!) skillfully shifts the focus of these questions to another character and suddenly there are no easy answers.Split is an intense, jittery, emotionally-charged read. I particularly enjoyed the relationship arc of two brothers navigating a lifetime of guilt, shame and horror, trying to rebuild a life. Can what is broken be fixed? And what does it mean if it can't?This story may not be an easy one, but it's story well worth your time.