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Seraphina - Rachel Hartman Don't let my Currently Reading shelf fool you. I've been going through a reading slump. Between getting distracted, forgetting to bring my Kindle places and falling asleep mid-paragraph the last month has not been a productive reading month for me (oh, the shame!). But then, fair readers, the ARC for Seraphina fell into my lap and happy day! My I-will-sneak-read-this-at-work-if-I-have-to binge reading excitement was back in full force. I would describe this book as part game of spies, part comedy of manners, and part Law & Order: Dragon Investigations Unit. Yes, it's as awesome as that sounds.At first, I had some difficulty getting acclimated to the world because there seemed to be an almost overwhelming amount of characters to keep track of and to make it more confusing, some were referred to by several different names. Power through, my friends, because once you figure out who is who, there are so many awesome surprises. Nearly every character delightfully upends your expectations. There are no cookie-cutter roles here. I don't want to give away anything in my examples but the two main female characters are just amazing. I adored Seraphina. She's smart, quick on her feet, kind, gutsy, and for someone who is forced to lie nearly non-stop, SO true to herself. The hero is also a wonderful surprise. I also loved, loved, LOVED Seraphina's relationship with Orma (and her developing understanding of it). I could easily list five more characters that were absolute favorites. That's how well-developed even secondary characters are in this book. I also really liked the alien-nature of the dragons with their bafflement of human customs and emotions, their logical minds and fascination of how things work. The world building is awesome. The garden of grotesques was both creepy and trippy. Oh and the dragon made machines and trinkets were so cool. Basically I really liked this book a lot and I am pretty sure you will too! Is there going to be a sequel or did I just hope that into existence in my head? Either way, I will definitely be keeping up with Rachel Hartman's future writing endeavors.