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Past Perfect - Leila Sales Yup. That cover still baffles me. Believe it or not, this book isn't about a girl in a raincoat having a chalk-induced allergy attack. And that tag line? Puh-LEASE. This is about historical reenactment turf wars! With pranks! Sabotage! Banter! Intrigue! Pithy historical one-liners! And consorting/cavorting/carousing with the enemy! That cover does this book NO justice. Past Perfect is so much fun and totally cracked me up. I also liked the tribute to relationship revisionist history. There's nothing like being dumped to transform a dude into the most perfect! boyfriend! evar! Oh giiiiiiirl. We've all been there. And finally, yay for girl BFFs in YA that are actually BFFs! And one more thing but it's a spoiler: Damn, Chelsea ratting out Dan's dad---WAY HARSH TAI. Not sure if I would have forgiven her that (relatively) easily...