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A Little Wanting Song - Cath Crowley Maybe closer to 3.5 but only when I directly compare it to Graffiti Moon. Ahh, I know! But I can't help it--I just read and re-read that book and it may as well be spray-painted on my heart now. But I still really enjoyed Wanting Song. Love the title. Love the Dave. Love the intricate mixtape production process. It's just that many things that happened so naturally in Graffiti show their effort here. I found myself thinking the two narrators were the same voice talking about different things and in the first half I had quite a few "no one talks like that!" moments. But there ARE some wonderful scenes and I truly adore Dave. Because of that, and the second half, I have no problem going with 4 stars. Also, I've seen where this author ship is sailing and it is, and is going to be, ahhhhmazing.