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And Then Things Fall Apart - Arlaina Tibensky First off, I need to express my undying love for the heroine of this book. Holy eff, Keek is just fantastic. I felt such a strong connection with her that several times it seemed like she was speaking directly to me, cracking me up with inside jokes and telling me stories I'd specifically appreciate. Keek's voice is so strong. She is real, funny and overall so damn INTERESTING. I loved her from her first feverish sentence. I'd even go as far as to call her one of my favorite heroines ever. Sometimes though, it seemed Keek was closer to a sophomore in college than a sophomore in high school, some older version of Keek looking back on a fateful summer. But that could also be a result/fault of the format, which while genius in some ways, screwed with the overall feeling of the book in others. Keek is basically typing her thoughts while she's held hostage by the chicken pox and everything else in her life is in a massive upheaval. Originally it is absolutely hysterical because of her feverish rants and musings but as the fever subsides Keek's writing veers from absolute candor toward more general observations. This became especially obvious when it was time to wrap up the plot lines. The format made the endings seem so much tidier than they actually were because Keek was telling us her end evaluations after she had thought about it, not her unreserved reactions while things were actually happening. It contrasts to the emotional outbursts and inner monologue train of thought feeling of the feverish entries and ends up more like overly tidy summaries by a fifteen year old with enviable amounts of perspective and self-awareness. BUT that introspection is also what makes Keek such a great character in the first place. I was ultimately charmed at all of the thought she put into everything (even when it bordered on becoming a The Bell Jar book report). This isn’t just some superficial stressing Keek is doing, this is analysis. She’s a deep thinker. She is looking for the deeper meaning of things, she’s trying to understand. And I absolutely freaking loved that about her. I think you will too. I'd definitely recommend this book.