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Will - Maria Boyd That’s it. I’m moving to Australia and becoming a high school teacher! These writers! I swear. First Melina Marchetta and now Maria Boyd. The moment I saw the Marchetta blurb on the back cover, I knew I was in for a treat and just as she promised the protagonist was awesome. I love love LOVED Will (the character) and really liked Will (the book). Will's voice was so good. It was clear, strong, hilarious and utterly charming. Maria Boyd did a fantastic job. Not only was Will amazing but I just loved Zach and Chris too. I was actually ready to give this another half star (What can I say? I'm just a big ol' softy for you Australia!) until some wonky pacing at the end. Put it this way (not exactly a spoiler but...): there was this big climatic emotional payoff about 85% of the way through and then it was like life as normal the last 15% of the book until the last couple sentences and boom! It's over. I think some of the events of the last 20% could have been rearranged. But all that aside, I just adored Will. I can't wait to read what Boyd writes next.